Submitted by: HAMILTON S. BEGGS




Table of Contents: SEAFOOD/FISH


Tilapia fillets can also be used.


1 lb. catfish fillets

¼ cup fine, unseasoned bread crumbs

Extra virgin olive oil

2 T. Old Bay Seasoning or 1 T. Tony Chachere’s Original Cajun Seasoning  (both of these seasonings has it’s own unique flavor –your choice!)






Wash and pat dry the fillets.  Rub with olive oil on both sides.  In a small bowl mix the breadcrumbs and the seasoning of choice to blend the ingredients.


Place a large sheet of waxed paper on a counter and add the crumb mixture.  Place the filets into the crumb mixture and tilt the waxed paper back and forth to completely coat the fillets with the crumbs; the press the crumbs into the fish fillets.


Using a large, non-stick skillet, barely cover the bottom of the skillet with olive oil and heat to hot, but not smoking.   Carefully place the fillets into the hot oil in a single layer.  Reduce heat to medium to medium-high to cook and brown the fillets on one side.  Then, turn each fillet to cook and brown on the other side.  Fish cooks quickly so do not overcook.  It is cooked when the fish color changes from translucent to white and the fish is flaky when lifted with a fork.


My cousin, Hamilton Beggs and his beautiful wife, Lola, are both great cooks and  “foodies”.  On the rare occasions when we can get together in a kitchen, we have lots of fun and fantastic meals.  Just wish they lived closer!


When “Ham” was a very young boy, my parents were visiting in Alexandria, VA and took him and his parents to dinner.   They had selected a seafood restaurant where many different kinds of large fish were mounted on the walls.  “Ham” was totally fascinated, quizzing my father, his Uncle Tommy, about all of the names of the fish.  A full-sized swordfish hanging near their table particularly intrigued him.  When the waiter arrived to take orders, ‘Ham”, of course, ordered swordfish!  When his dinner arrived, “Ham’s” big smile faded and everyone could tell he was disappointed about something.  My father asked what was wrong, and “Ham” very plaintively said, “Uncle Tommy, where’s the sword on my fish?”  Everyone at the table broke into laughter, and my father quickly ordered a scrumptious dessert to put a big smile back on young Hamilton’s face.  Then, Uncle Tommy explained that, regretfully, the sword was not served with the fish!


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