This recipe both tastes & looks like fried okra & fried green tomatoes, but the vegetables are actually baked.


Fresh, tender green okra pods or green tomatoes
(Buy plenty, since they both shrink & are popular)
Self-rising corn meal
Large slide zipper plastic bag




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Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Slice the okra pods into medium-thickness rounds (not thick hunks!) or medium-thin slices of green tomatoes.  Place a sufficient amount of self-rising corn meal into the plastic bag to completely coat all sides of the okra or tomato slices with corn meal (more meal can be added as needed).  Slide the zipper closed and shake vigorously.  Open the bag to separate any slices stuck together; then close the bag & shake again.  Spray generously with oil, a large, flat baking pan.  Using a large slotted spoon remove the coated okra slices or green tomato slices from the plastic bag & place in a single layer on the pan.  Spray the coated slices with spray-oil.  Place pan in the hot oven to bake.  Check often because of the high heat & stir okra around or turn over green tomato sliced each time.  Spray again with spray-oil before finishing cooking.  Watch carefully to prevent burning.

Voila!!!  “Fried Okra” or “Fried Green Tomatoes” without frying.

Cooking in “THE GOOD OLD DAYS” & More” continues:

From the "WhiteHouse Cookbook" 1910

In cooking, clear as you go; that is to say, do not allow a host of basins, plates, spoons, and other utensils, to accumulate on the dressers and tables whilst you are engaged in preparing the dinner.  By a little management and forethought, much confusion may be saved in this way.  It is as easy to put a thing in its place when it is done with, as it is to keep continually moving it to find room for fresh requisites.  For instance, after making a pudding, the flour-tub, paste-board, and rolling-pin, should be put away, and any basins, spoons, etc. should be neatly packed up near the sink, to be washed when the proper time arrives.  Neatness, order and method should always be observed.”

As the texting crowd always says, OMG!  The author of the above statement would have fainted when seeing my kitchen on almost any day.  Joe honey, I’m gonna’ try to follow her advice in the future; but don’t put too much money on it!


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