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This cake is best if made and refrigerated for 3 days before serving.  If I am ever able to accomplish this, I have to cover it and label it “Leftover Liver”!

Allow coconut to thaw overnight in the refrigerator, if possible.  Six oz. of the coconut should remain refrigerated to use as the final layer at the end of the 3 days.


1 box of Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Golden Cake Mix

16 oz. sour cream

2 cups granulated sugar

16 oz. frozen coconut, divided

½ cup sweetened whipped cream

Fruit of choice for garnish






Make the cake as directed on the box to make 2 layer cakes.  Cool the cakes completely; then horizontally slice each layer into halves making 4 half-layers.



In a medium-size bowl, mix the sour cream, sugar, and 10 oz. of the thawed coconut.  Stir to dissolve sugar and to blend.



Reserve ½ cup of the filling to use in the topping and set aside.


Assemble Cake in Layers:

a. 1 cake half-layer

b. Spoon filling over half-layer & spread; allow filling to flow over sides of cake

c. Repeat with two more half-layers; then top with the final half-layer, but do not put filling on it.  It will be covered with the topping mixture


Make topping:

In a bowl, mix the reserved ½ cup filling with the whipped cream; then frost the top of the cake.  The cake is not yet complete and looks a little unfinished, so don’t despair!


Cover the cake and refrigerate for 3 days.  After the three days, sprinkle the remaining 6 oz. of coconut over the entire cake to finish it.  Place fruit on the top for garnish.


I almost always make this cake for Joe’s birthday.  And, my ruse of labeling it as “leftover liver” rarely works when I make it near that time!  The recipe was given to me by his youngest sister, Dorothy, and very quickly became his favorite.  The cake has a marvelous flavor – sweetness tempered by sour cream, delicate topping mixed with fresh coconut flavor.  Needless to say this is a favorite of mine, too.   Dorothy, you have given our whole family an everlasting birthday gift with this outstanding cake recipe, Merci!

To cover this cake to travel: use bamboo skewers; natural-color, round cocktail picks; plastic film wrap, and a disposable cardboard box more than large enough to hold the cake.  Place 3 or 4 long bamboo skewers in the top of the cake; then place cocktail picks around the outside of the cake layers.  This prevents the plastic film from touching the cake.  Then, wrap the cake in the plastic film and place in the cardboard box.  Chock the cake plate in the box with clean tea towels to prevent the cake plate from moving inside the box as you travel.


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