The colors of this cobbler are just gorgeous.  Before you even take a bite, you’ll know it’s delicious!




1 box folded, refrigerated Pillsbury piecrusts (2 to a box), unbaked

24 to 32 oz. fresh blackberries, washed & drained (do not pre-cook)

Âľ cup water

Âľ cup granulated sugar

ÂĽ cup butter or margarine, cut into thin slices



Preheat oven & a pizza stone or baking pan to 425 degrees.  Unfold one of the uncooked piecrusts onto a cutting board & allow it to soften.  When soft, roll out the crust with a rolling pen to make it larger to fit a deep baking dish.  Fit uncooked larger piecrust into the deep baking dish.  Do not allow top edges to go over the dish rim & do not prick the piecrust.  Repeat rolling the other piecrust to a larger size; then cut the second piecrust into narrow long strips.  Some strips will be short; just fit them in as needed.  Place ½ of the blackberries into the piecrust-lined deep dish; then add all of the water.  Sprinkle the blackberries evenly with ½ of the sugar; then place ½ of the butter or margarine slices evenly on top.  Use ½ of the piecrust strips to lattice the cobbler at this point.  Repeat layering of remaining blackberries, sugar, butter or margarine, & piecrust lattice strips.  Place the cobbler into the preheated oven on the preheated stone or pan.  Cook, uncovered, until the water begins to bubble; then reduce heat to 250 degrees. Bake, uncovered, for 1½ hours.  If your kitchen timer only allows 1 hour of timing, be sure to set the timer for another ½ hour after the first hour.  Because the blackberries are not pre-cooked, they need to be cooked “low & slow”.



While I was making this last night, I got to laughing to myself thinking about a story my husband, Joe, had told me about a “happening” when he was a teenager.  Joe & a friend were riding their bikes to a swimming pool for the afternoon.  His friend was riding in front of Joe, turning around to talk  & not paying attention to what was in his path.  Joe said suddenly there was a bike up-ended with tires spinning, male & female screams, a big basket on the ground and a dark, sticky liquid everywhere.  Joe’s friend had run his bike wheel between the legs of a large lady in a large summer dress with a large basket of blackberries balanced on her head!  Blackberry juice covered the lady, the bikes, Joe & his friend.  Fortunately, the only injury was to the friend’s mother’s pocketbook.  She had a “dent’ in it from having to buy all those blackberries! The berry covered boys rode home on sticky, dripping bike seats.  No swimmin' that day.


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