These are so much fun to make with kids.  OHOOOOO Spiders’ Legs!  A real plus here, is that they are oh-so-chocolately good.  Make them anytime; they are not just for Halloween.  Actually, I used them in bride’s favor baskets for hotel guests attending my cute little cousin

Mardie’s wedding to Stan.  An all-occasion candy.

8-oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips (real, not imitation)

3-oz. Chinese chow mein noodles

4-ounces slivered almonds

6-oz. dried cranberries


Line a large baking pan with waxed paper.  Place the chocolate chips in a  glass or ceramic bowl.  Heat in the microwave about 1½ minutes until the chocolate chips are soft but not spreading.  They may not even seem melted until stirred.  Add the noodles, almonds, &

cranberries; then stir to coat all ingredients with chocolate.  Drop the candy using a couple of spoons onto the waxed paper.  Place the pan containing the candy into the refrigerator to allow the candy get firm.  Yield:  30 to 40.

There is an absolutely, adorable new Halloween children’s book on the market for those of you with Nooks and Kindles.  It is called VIOLET’S HALLOWEEN  by Georgie Hackford.  Georgie is both the artist and storyteller for the book.  Violet is a very reluctant and tiny little witch who wishes to be a fairy rather than a witch.  The author charmingly teaches young children the full color spectrum with lovely illustrations while telling Violet’s adventures.  Check it out; it’s only $4.95.  It is listed under Kids Nooks on Barnes & Nobles & at Amazon in children's ebooks.


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