Submitted by: Lucile Bircheat
Birmingham, Alabama USA


My neighbor’s mother, Miss Lucile, sent me this delicious recipe. I have taken the liberty of cutting the proportions in half, since her proportions must feed all of Birmingham!  My proportions only feed a small city.  You can, of course, double this recipe to feed the large city

of your choice, if you desire.


Table of Contents: candy

10.5-oz. jet-puffed miniature marshmallows

1 full cup wine (a sweet wine is needed.  I used Tawny Port; probably Cream Sherry will be good also.  Just be sure it is a real wine & not a fruit-flavored wine.)

1 ½ lbs. honey graham crackers, divided

1 ¼ lbs. chopped pecans

½ lb. candied red cherries, chopped fine

24 oz. chopped dates

Waxed paper

Aluminum foil





Use a large mixing bowl, a large Dutch Oven, or other large vessel to hold all of the ingredients with plenty of mixing room.  Put the marshmallows in the bowl and pour the wine over them to begin soaking up the wine and to soften.

A full 1-lb. box of graham crackers will be used in the candy.  The remaining graham crackers will be used to roll and coat the candy logs, later.  Place ½ of the graham crackers from 1 box in a heavy zip-lock bag, seal, and crush with a rolling pin.  Repeat with remaining

half of that box of the graham crackers and set aside to use inside the candy.  Crush some of the extra ½ box of graham crackers to use as the outside coating for the candy logs.  All of the extra ½ lb. may not be needed.  So crush grahams as needed at this point.

Finely chop the pecans and red cherries, but do not mince.  

The candy is going to be “gooey” to mix.  Either remove rings from the fingers and wash hands very thoroughly or use washed disposable latex gloves to mix the candy.  It takes hand and finger-power to mix all ingredients.

To the bowl with the marshmallows & wine, add the cherries and dates, breaking-up as much as possible; then mixing.  Add the pecans and mix well. Then add the graham crumbs, a small amount at a time and continue to mix with your hands until all of the

ingredients are thoroughly blended.


Make the candy ingredients into 10 large balls. Wrap each ball in waxed paper and roll with a rolling pin, turning sides often, into an 8-inch log.  Remove waxed paper, and roll each log to coat it with the extra crushed graham cracker crumbs.  Then, roll aluminum

foil around each log, fold in & crimp or twist the foil ends to seal; then freeze the logs.  When ready to serve, open foil package, thaw for a short time, and slice into rounds while still very cold.  

Yield: 10  (8-inch) logs.

Since confession is supposedly good for the soul; this is what I changed, Miss Lucile.  I used 8-ozs. less dates; I added ¼ lb. chopped pecans;  I used a tawny-color wine since I did not have a sweet white wine on hand.  And, I used 5.5-ozs. less marshmallows plus

miniature marshmallows, instead of cutting regular ones.

These are the full amounts of the original ingredients from Miss Lucile:

1 lb. candied cherries

2 lbs. graham crackers

4 lbs. dates

2 lbs. pecans

2 cups wine (your choice of white wine.  I (Miss Lucile) used to use Virginia Dare, but it is no longer available)

2 lbs. marshmallows

This recipe makes great candy, and lots of it.  The logs of candy make very nice gifts for friends and family.  So, spread a little cheer by giving this homemade gift.  Thank you, Miss Lucile, for sending me this yummy candy recipe that can be made and frozen before

the holiday busy, busy time.


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