Table of Contents: SOUP

4 cups chicken broth (or vegetable broth)
4    oz. mushrooms, sliced
8    green onions, sliced with green tops, divided
½   sweet red pepper, cut in short, thin strips
½   tsp. extra virgin olive oil or dark sesame oil
½  to 3/4 tsp. salt (start with ½ tsp. then add to taste)
¼   tsp. garlic salt
2    tsp. soy sauce
3   drops Tabasco sauce
2    cups fresh small spinach leaves, stem removed
2    large eggs, very well beaten






In a soup pot, bring the chicken broth to a full boil; then lower heat to just boiling.  Add the mushrooms, ½ of the green onions, sweet red pepper, oil, salt, garlic salt, soy sauce, & Tabasco sauce.  Cook 2 minutes; then add the spinach leaves.  Cook only until the spinach leaves wilt. When spinach is wilted, bring heat back to high.  Use a large spoon to begin vigorously, but carefully, swirling the soup.  As the soup is swirling, slowly drizzle the well-beaten eggs into the soup to make long thin strings of egg.  Serve the soup hot with the remaining green onions sprinkled on top.

“Cooking in THE GOOD OLD DAYS” & More” continued:
From the “WhiteHouse Cookbook” 1910

“Never let your stock of spices, salt, seasonings, herbs, etc. dwindle down so low that some day, in the midst of preparing a large dinner, you find yourself minus a very important ingredient, thereby causing much confusion and annoyance.

After you have washed your saucepans, fish-kettles, etc. stand them before the fire for a few minutes to get thoroughly dry inside before putting them away.  They should be kept in a dry place, in order that they may escape the deteriorating influence of rust, and thereby be quickly destroyed.  Never leave saucepans dirty from one day’s use to be cleaned the next; it is slovenly and untidy.”


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