1 large loaf Deli multi-grain bread
2 T. mayonnaise
2 tsp. horseradish sauce (not creamed)
2 tsp. spicy mustard
16 slices Genoa salami, sliced thin at Deli
8 slices imported Swiss cheese, sliced thin at Deli
8 slices peppered turkey breast, sliced thin at Deli
2 T. chopped sweet red pepper
1 T. chopped green pepper
2 T. chopped mild onion
½ cup grape tomatoes, halved
Spicy oil & vinegar salad dressing
1/3 large mild onion, sliced thin in rings (may not need it all)
Butter, margarine, or extra virgin olive oil




Preheat oven & a baking pan to 350 degrees.  Slice the loaf of bread in half, lengthwise.  Mix together the mayonnaise, horseradish sauce, & mustard; then spread half of the mixture on each bread half.  Place 10 slices of the salami on the top half of the bread; then top with all of the Swiss cheese slices.  Place the remaining 6 slices of salami on the bottom half of bread; then top with all of the peppered turkey slices.  In a small bowl, mix together the red & green peppers, chopped onion, & grape tomatoes. Then, pour a small amount of oil & vinegar salad dressing on the tomato mixture; just enough to coat all ingredients.  Evenly spread the tomato mixture over the top of the turkey slices.  Place a few sliced onion rings evenly over the tomato mixture.  Carefully place the top of the bread with ingredients on it over the bottom of the bread to make a huge sandwich.  Brush the top of the sandwich with melted butter, margarine, or olive oil. Put the whole sandwich on the preheated baking pan in the oven & bake for about 15 to 20 minutes.  Cut to serve.

More from “The Good Old Days”
From the “WHITEHOUSE COOKBOOK 1910, page 237


Wash well some water cress and then dry them in a cloth, pressing out every atom of moisture as far as possible; then mix with the cress hard-boiled eggs chopped fine, and seasoned with salt and pepper.  Have a stale loaf and some fresh butter, and with a sharp knife cut as many thin slices as will be required for two dozen sandwiches; then cut the cress into small pieces, removing the stems; place it between each slice of bread and butter, with a slight sprinkling of lemon juice; press down the slices hard, and cut then sharply on a board into small squares, leaving no crust.      Nantasket Beach


Mince beef tongue and boiled mushrooms together, add French mustard and spread between butter bread.

Well, what do you think?  I think, I’ll have to go for the SUPER SUPPER SANDWICH.  Do you suppose that in 101 years my sandwich will be as strange to the palate as the two 1910 sandwiches are to our palates today?  Probably….


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