What ancient Greek Sirens keep luring me to cooking, recipes, people, tall tales, entertaining?  Perhaps it is an intuitive pull, but I just could not stay away!  After twenty years and four cookbooks in the cookbook business, something just seems to be calling me back to experiment with more original recipes and hopefully some of yours. So we’ll consider you a partner in my new blog, if you’ll accept.  Very truthfully, I have missed the fun and exciting folks I met in my earlier travels with cookbooks.

So now, a full week after I have learned what a “blogger” is, I am one.  A heads up to those of you who don’t already know me, I am definitely no Internet guru - just ask my children!  But, I do love great food- creating it, talking about it, exchanging recipes, dining out, dining at friends’ and relatives’, even dining with strangers in foreign countries.  I could go on and on…  Being in my not-large-enough Pullman-style kitchen is somewhat soothing sometimes.  But particularly, when I play a little music on my Bose while sipping and chatting with someone helping me as a sous chef.  Both of us can take delight in the delicious swirling aromas.  Having company in the kitchen is actually one of my favorite “ingredients”. This sounds so calm and serene, right?  But, believe me, there definitely are days involving culinary chaos in my kitchen, so don’t let me completely lead you astray!  I am now inviting you, as my readers, to join me as my kitchen company, via the Internet.  Please go to my free membership site for details on submitting your own special recipe. I won’t be able to “Award thee pecuniary compensation for thine inestimable hospitality”, but I will feature you and your recipe, then send you one of my cookbooks as my gift to you.  Now, if you are wondering about the above quote, it is a “Mama-ism” which I will let you digest and decipher.  If it is still “Greek” to you after digestion, leave me a comment.  More “Mama-isms” are mixed in with recipes later and I’ll even tell you a little about that great lady.


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I am an Alabama native who loves spreading the charm of the South by using Southern Hospitality.  I have a fantastic husband, Joe, who humors and encourages my nuttiness. We have three extremely talented, sweet, and wonderful children along with their equally great and talented spouses.  They have sprinkled into our lives five absolutely beyond-adorable grandchildren, including a set of twins.  My family always comes first, and I’ll tell you even more about them as you explore my blog.  The whole group helped bring my cookbooks into being.  Our daughter is both a very creative fine artist and an equally creative graphic artist.  She is the cover artist for all of my cookbooks, and provided most of the original interior art.  I will feature her fine art in the blog from time to time.  My husband also added art to the cookbooks; and now that he has retired from being a corporate pilot, he is the official blog photographer, sounding board, chief of tasters, peel-Gene-off-the-wall guy and still my sweetheart after many years of marriage. Our sons had the enviable task when they were in high school of being Chief Tasters for the cookbooks and have become great cooks themselves.  When testing recipes for the blog, I usually have plenty, and I mean plenty, of volunteers for the recipe tasters job; but very few for clean-up duty except, of course, my sweet husband.  The area we live in which is outside of Montgomery, Alabama is tiny and mostly bucolic (don’t you just love that word- so very English!).  Joining us at home these days are my very special sister, Scotty; an old black Labrador Retriever dog, Belle; and lots of visitors from time to time.  We love it!




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Music, Dancing, Dining out, Laughing, Stories all blended with great food and drink.


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