What basic kitchen “tools” to buy to set-up a beginning kitchen. This is a valuable list for those just beginning to boil water!  It provides handy, necessary information for brides, guys or gals moving into their first apartment or home, college students, confirmed bachelors, old geezers just kicked out of the house, etc.  Please feel free to print his list for yourself or to give to someone.

I consider the kitchen “tools” listed below to be basic but adequate, to turn out some good grub.  I only assume two things: that you can read and can boil water.  So, let’s see what you can really do!

1. 1 large (10’-12”) skillet
2. 1 small (6”-8”) skillet
3. 2 saucepans
4. 1 Dutch oven with a lid
5. 1 casserole dish,  9 “X 13” size
6. 1 casserole dish,  8” X 8” size
7. 1 cookie sheet, 9” X 13” size
8. 1 mixing bowl set (3 sizes of bowls)
9. 1 roasting pan, 9” X 13”
10. 2 cake pans, round or square, 8” or 9”
11. 1 coffee or tea maker
12. 1 toaster oven
13. 1 microwave
14. 1 electric mixer
15. 1 can opener
16. 1 bottle opener
17. 1 corkscrew
18. 1 colander
19. 1 kitchen timer
20. 1 box-type cheese grater
21. 1 vegetable peeler
22. 1 paper towel holder
23. 1 pitcher
24. 2 good oven mitts
25. 1 set measuring spoons
26. 1 set measuring cups
27. 1 large metal pot stirring spoon
28. 1 large Teflon pot stirring spoon
29. 1 large slotted pot stirring spoon                                
30. 1 large wooden spoon
31. 1 pair kitchen scissors
32. 1 large chef’s knife,13”
33. 1 medium knife, 10”
34. 2 small paring knives, 8”
35. 1 large metal spatula   
36. 1 large Teflon spatula
37. 1 small spatula
38. 1 pair long handle tongs
39. 2 rubber-type bowl scrapers
40. 1 long handle 2-tine cooking fork
41. 1 salt shaker
42. 1 fresh pepper grinder
43. 1 flat rubber jar-cap opener
44. 4 to 6 tea towels
45. Cutting board that is “easy” on knives and can be cleaned in a dishwasher

You’re all set to begin your culinary career.  Select some of the recipes on my blog and get started.  My recipes are written step-by-step and are very specific.

After you’ve established your kitchen, actually done some cooking, and let the old wallet take a rest from use; then you can look on my blog for “A MORE ADVANCED LIST OF KITCHEN “TOOLS”.  Add them as wanted or needed to build your complete kitchen “tool” list.  Take it from me, that time will never come, if you like to cook.  There are always new and more exotic gadgets to be found!


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