O. K., I’ve already covered the beginner cook’s kitchen “tool” list with my blog article,
“LIST OF KITCHEN ESSENTIALS FOR BEGINNER COOKS”.  You may want to print the list to give to someone just setting-up their very first kitchen.  I’ll move on to a more specialized kitchen “tools” list that can be added as you want and need.  Please feel free to print this list for yourself or as a give to someone.

1. Double boiler with a lid
2. Large stock or soup pot with a lid
3. Cast iron skillets
4. Standing-type electric mixer
5. Food processor
6. Blender
7. Electric can opener
8. Round pizza pan
9. Pizza cutter
10. Pizza stone
11. Salad spinner
12. Cake stand with cover
13. Loaf pans
14. Hamburger press
15. Rolling pin
16. Microplane grater
17. Pastry cutter
18. Apple-wedge cutter
19. Egg separator
20. Mouli-type fine cheese grater
21. Steel blade vegetable slicer
22. Ice cream scoop
23. Candy thermometer
24. Meat thermometer
25. Long handle BBQ tools
26. Soup ladle
27. Spaghetti lifter
28. Cookie cutters
29. Large & small whisks
30. Meat mallet
31. Set of ramekins
32. Jar-lid “popper”
33. Thin wire cake tester
34. Crab/lobster claw crackers
35. Bag clips for chip bags
36. Triangular shape can opener punch
37. Lasagna spatula
38. Vegetable scrub brush
39. Large spoon rest
40. Various sizes of cutting boards

Check my “COOKING TIPS” on the blog.  Often some very specialized kitchen “tools’ serve in other and unexpected ways.   All of the above additions usually are time-savers.  I consider them worthwhile items to have in my kitchen even though my kitchen is not large.  Have fun and make a delicious recipe and a big mess, just like I do!   Poor Joe, I told you he always helps clean up.  Merci, Joe!


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