Table of Contents: Lower Carbohydrate Recipes


Recently I have had a request, well actually it sounded more like a plea for help, for some suggestions of recipes that are lower in carbohydrates.   Please, please, please keep in mind that I am NOT a dietitian, NOT a nutritionist, NOT a home economist.

I am just a wife, a mother, a sister, and a grandmother that enjoys cooking and conjuring-up new and hopefully good recipes.  And then, only when I’m in the mood; otherwise, we’ll be going out for dinner!


The gentleman asking for suggestions is participating in Alabama’s newest weight loss program called “Scale Back Alabama”.  He said that he had 10 weeks to go to loose his desired weight and had run out of ideas. Could I please help?


You may have to add and subtract ingredients from these recipes to suit the particular diet that you are following.   But, if you have carefully studied your diet literature, you will be able to adapt these recipes both successfully and deliciously.


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My son, Jay, is a wonderful natural cook and has been very successful at creating lower carb recipes blended with lower calorie recipes that are delicious.  One of his suggestions is to use zucchini as a substitute for pasta when making spaghetti.  Wash the zucchini, leaving the peel on it; then use a vegetable peeler to make thin “wide-ribbon-like” slices of zucchini.  He adds the zucchini “ribbons” to the spaghetti sauce at the end of the sauce cooking time in order to just wilt and slightly cook the zucchini.  This substitute adds texture more that flavor and has great “veggie- value”.


Recipes suggested below as lower carb are from my website.  Look under  “Table of Contents” for these recipes:


1.   Lemony Peppered Chicken /Table of Contents: CHICKEN – leave off sugar


2.   Baked Fish Filets w/ Pecan & Panko Crumbs /Table of Contents: SEAFOOD & FISH  – leave off panko crumbs


3.   Marinated BEEF STEAK KABOBS w/ BAGUETTE ROLLS /Table of Contents: BEEF - leave off sugar & baguette roll


4.   500 Degree ROAST /Table of Contents: BEEF


5.   Butterflied & Stuffed CHICKEN BREASTS w/ MUSHROOMS / Table of Contents: CHICKEN –  not sure about the tomato & the sour cream – depends on the diet




7.   CHICKEN BREASTS w/ PROSCUITTO, BOUSIN, SUN-DRIED TOMATOES w/MARSALA SAUCE / Table of Contents: CHICKEN – leave off sun-dried tomatoes & Marsala cooking wine -substitute broth for wine


8.   LEMON CAPER CHICKEN BREASTS on Farfalle PASTA / Table of Contents: CHICKEN – leave off the farfalle pasta


9.   Grilled MOJO CRIOLLO CHICKEN / Table of Contents: CHICKEN


10.  ASIAN CHICKEN with SUGAR SNAPS / Table of Contents: CHCKEN -  not sure about the sugar snaps


11.  BARBECUED CHICKEN Westbrook-Style / Table of Contents: CHICKEN – use Wicker’s BBQ Sauce (made of vinegar & spices ONLY, no ketchup)


12.  Quick & Healthy PORK CHOPS w/ GREEN ONIONS & TOMATO / TABLE OF CONTENTS: PORK  - leave off tomato, depending on diet


13.  Dr. Omelet’s Dry-rubbed, Grilled BOSTON-BUTT PORK ROAST / Table of Contents: PORK – leave off brown sugar


14.  Baked Fresh FISH FILETS w/ SWEET RED PEPPER/ TOMATOES, & ONION RINGS / Table of Contents: SEAFOOD & FISH  –leave off the tomato slices - add very thin green pepper slices  - use green onions not yellow, white or red onions


15.  CAJUN SHRIMP w/ MUSHROOMS on ANGEL HAIR PASTA / Table of Contents: SEAFOOD & FISH – “ditch” the pasta


16.  Grilled LEMON- GARLIC SHRIMP/ Table of Contents: SEAFOOD & FISH


17.  Super-Quick STIR-FRIED CABBAGE w/ BACON & GINGER / Table of Contents: VEGETABLES– leave off yellow, white, or red onions  - add a bundle of green onions, sliced


18.  Spiced, Grilled SLICES YELLOW SUMMER SQUASH / Table of Contents: VEGETABLES


19.  BAKED BLUE CHEESE Stuffed ZUCCHINI / Table of Contents: VEGETABLES  - substitute green onions for yellow, white, or red onions


20.  Check Table of Contents: SALADS for usable &/or adaptable recipes