6 large eggs, well beaten
Scant ¼ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. fresh ground black pepper
2 T. water
1 T. butter or margarine
1 jalapeno pepper
Cajun seasoning
1 bone-in ham steak
1 T. extra virgin olive oil, more may be needed
2 large fresh tomatoes; peeled or unpeeled
1 large sweet red pepper, cut in thin strips
1 large mild onion, chopped
8 green onions, sliced with green tops
1 ½ cups cooked wild rice
2 cups cook white rice
Taste for more salt






In a bowl beat together, the eggs, salt, black pepper, & water.  Heat a large skillet to medium-high, melt the butter; then pour the egg mixture into the skillet & immediately lower the heat to low to medium-low.  Cook the omelet very slowly until completely cooked through, but not browned or turned.   While omelet is cooking slice about 4 to 6 thin slices of jalapeno pepper.  Remove the seed & the veins; then cut the slices in half. When the omelet is cooked, slide it onto a warm platter.  Sprinkle it with a very small amount of Cajun seasoning & the jalapeno slices.  Roll the omelet lengthwise & place on the platter seam-side down to keep it rolled; set aside. Using the same skillet, cook the ham slice until done.  Cut the cooked ham into long narrow strips & discard the ham bone.  Cut the tomatoes into thin wedges.  Heat the skillet again to medium-high with 1 T. olive oil & add the ham strips, tomatoes, sweet red peppers, both kinds of onions & stir-fry until the vegetables are tender-crisp.  Add more oil, if needed; then stir in both kinds of rice & stir-fry until completely mixed & rice is hot.  Cut the rolled omelet, crosswise, into thin slices.  Add the omelet slices to the rice mixture & stir-fry to mix.  Taste for salt & add, if needed.  Serve hot.  Serves: 3 to 4.

This recipe began with a recipe in the WHITEHOUSE COOKBOOK 1910. A “Rice Omelet” was served at the White House on a Sunday evening in 1909.  I was curious & looked at the recipe in the cookbook, but it sounded pretty bland.  The day before I had made a recipe with wild rice & had some of the rice leftover. Hence this non-bland recipe for you.  It is a full meal with meat, starch, & vegetables that I think tastes delicious.  Let me know what you think, if you will?      


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