Sauteed Gulf Coast BLUE-CRAB CLAWS

Table of Contents: SEAFOOD/FISH and APPETIZERS

Absolutely FABULOUS recipe. Pure fresh blue-crab claw decadence!

4 oz. dry white wine

2 tsp. roasted garlic

4 T. sun-dried tomatoes, minced

1 tsp. crushed red pepper

1 tsp. dried crushed basil

½ tsp. dried crushed thyme

2 tsp. granulated chicken bouillon

1 stick (1/2 lb.) butter (no substitutes)

1 lb. fresh blue-crab claws

2 T. freshly squeezed lemon juice

2 T. heavy cream

4 T. freshly grated Parmesan cheese

2 tsp. flat-leaf Italian parsley, minced

1 long Baguette roll




Cut the long baguette roll into thin, round slices; butter, and toast to serve with the blue-crab claws. "Sopping" the toasted Baguette slices, as the Italians do, is absolutely allowed! Have the slices toasted and warm before cooking the blue-crab claws.

In a large skillet, over low heat, combine the wine, roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, red pepper, basil, thyme, and chicken bouillon.

Cook until the liquid is reduced and almost gone.

While the mixture is reducing, cut the butter into thick pats.

When the wine sauce has reduced enough, stir in the lemon juice and heavy cream. Allow this mixture to cook on low for 1 minute.

Begin adding the butter, one pat at a time, keeping the pan moving continuously to allow the butter pats to melt one at a time. Do not break-up the butter pats just let them slowly melt.

When all of the butter has melted, add the blue-crab claws and gently stir. Cook, while gently stirring, over low heat for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove the skillet from the heat and pour the blue-crab claws with the sauce into a warm serving dish. Sprinkle the top with the Parmesan cheese and parsley; then serve immediately with the Baguette slices on the side.

To me, this is the best blue-crab claw recipe that I have ever eaten! And I do love blue-crab, in almost any form. The recipe was given to me by a professional chef at a very popular restaurant to use later in one of my cookbooks. I never did, so here it is for you to drool over. His original recipe uses lobster base. Since it is a difficult ingredient to find at grocers sometimes, I have substituted the same amount of chicken bouillon instead of the lobster base. The only other change that I have made is reducing the thyme measurement by one-half. Other than that, the recipe is exactly as he gave it to me with my thanks to him. Enjoy!


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