Table of Contents: BREAKFAST


I have this recipe in the Table of Contents under “BREAKFAST”, but it can also be served for lunch or for dinner.  Personally, I prefer making the recipe later in the day than for breakfast, since I am more “glued together” then.  But….., if it is on a breakfast menu in a

restaurant, I am going to order it for breakfast!

There are many different recipes for this wonderful dish.  This is my favorite recipe when I am making it at home.  The recipe makes one serving to give you a guide to make as many servings as desired.

COOKING TIP: Heat flat tostado or taco shells in the oven on the very lowest temperature setting available to prevent burning.  Place the flat tostados either directly on the oven rack or on a baking pan.  Taco shells can actually “hang” on the oven rack or be placed on a

baking pan.




Flat tostado shells

Refried Bean Dip

Sour cream

Sharp Cheddar cheese

Butter or margarine


Red or Green Salsa – Bottled, refrigerated, or homemade




Before beginning:


Have the tostado shell heating and the bean dip being kept warm

Have the sour cream at room temperature

Have the cheese grated

Have the salsa at room temperature in a side-bowl for individual use

Have the plates conveniently placed for use

Then, fry the eggs over-light or poach soft-yolk eggs


Begin making a stack of:


A.  1 warm flat tostado shell

B.  1 T. warm refried bean dip

C.  1 to 2 tsp. sour cream, room temperature

D.  1 or 2 T. sharp Cheddar cheese, grated

E.  1 or 2 cooked eggs

F.  A second layer of 1 or 2 T. sharp Cheddar cheese

G. Top with salsa

This recipe is for those who like their eggs over-light.   The eggs can be cooked hard and the recipe will still taste good, but it will not be “authentic” Huevos Rancheros….   Some in my family love this recipe, but there are some, that I will not call by name, who refuse to eat a “runny egg”, so I fry or poach their egg yolks HARD!  Sometimes I actually “Aim to Please”.






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