SQUASH PUPPIES (Squash Croquettes)

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Don’t always tell all that you know!  This recipe was how I served squash, deliciously hidden, from my kids when they were young!  Now my adult children complain that I don’t make “Squash Puppies” any more!  Has this come full circle, or not?


The recipe can be made and refrigerated, then cooked anytime within 3 days.


5 medium yellow summer squash

1 small onion, minced

¾ cup sharp Cheddar cheese

½ cup self-rising corn meal

2 T. plain flour

1 egg, well beaten

Vegetable oil for frying







Cook the squash in salted, boiling water until very tender; then drain well.  Use a large bowl to completely mash the well-drained squash and pour-off any excess water that has accumulated after mashing.  Mix in the onion, cheese, corn meal, flour, and egg until all ingredients are blended.


The consistency of the mixture should form soft croquettes.  If it is too soft to hold together, add a very small amount of extra corn meal.   Be careful not to get the mixture stiff,  since it should be softer than hush puppy batter.  (This wordy explanation should now be as clear as mud!)


Fry in medium-hot vegetable oil until cooked through and browned.  Drain well on paper towels.


The recipe is from my first cookbook, THE MAGNOLIA COLLECTION.  At the time of the writing of the cookbook, my accompanying quote was: “A fantastic way to hide squash from the children.  They’ll go for hush puppies, but not SQUASH!  To salve your conscience, casually mention, when the kids are about 25, that the recipe has SQUASH in it.  That ought to make you feel better.”

I was right; our well-over-25-years-old “kids” still love Squash Puppies.  They now are carrying on the “delicious innocent deception” to a new generation.


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