Table of Contents: DESSERTS


3 large, soft Kaiser rolls (bought at bakery)

½ stick (1/4 cup) butter or margarine, softened

6 oz. red raspberry preserves, room temperature

Confectioners’ sugar

Granulated raw sugar (light brown color)

3 fresh plums (other soft fruits can be used - peaches, strawberries or nectarines

Extra fruit for garnishing the top



Using a serrated bread knife, slice each Kaiser roll into 3 slices to make a top slice, a bottom slice, & a middle slice.  Butter both sides of each slice.  In a non-stick skillet, very lightly grill each slice, on both sides, to have a small amount of browning on the roll.


Peel and thinly slice the plums, discarding the pits.


Begin making the dessert stacks dividing the ingredients evenly:

1. Spread some of the red raspberry preserves on the cut-side of the bottom slice

2. Place a single layer of sliced plums

3. Spread both sides of the middle layer of roll with some of the preserves

4. Stack middle layer on bottom layer

5. Place a single layer of plum slices on the middle layer

6. Spread preserves on the cut side of the top slice of roll

Repeat with remaining 2 rolls.


Heat the skillet to medium-low or lower to slowly heat and grill the Kaiser Cakes.


Grill the stacked desserts on both sides, while lightly pressing downward with a spatula, until each stack is completely warm throughout.  Remove desserts to a warm plate & dust the tops with confectioners’ sugar; then lightly sprinkle the desserts with the brown raw granulated sugar.  Make a small mound of the raw sugar in the center of each dessert & top the mound of sugar with a small piece of fruit.  Serve warm.  Makes 3 to 6 servings.



One day during our trip to Austria, we drove to the Dashstein region where the Austrian mountains are high, jagged, and snow-covered.  Then, took an absolutely breathtaking cable car ride over what seemed to be nothing but air.  At the top of the cable car ride, we took a short hike up to a ski lodge.  Since it was considered summer at the end of May, even though snow was everywhere, the ski lodge’s large deck was set-up for alfresco dining.  We had an unbelievable panorama of the Austrian mountains that beautifully seemed to go on forever.

It was early afternoon, so we ordered dessert.  The above recipe is as close a guess as I can make to the fantastic dessert that we were served.  So I won’t try to pass it off as authentic!

After our dessert, an Austrian gentleman who lived in the nearby city of Bad Goisern approached us and asked to join us.   He spoke English, understood more than he spoke, and was intrigued by the English-speaking couple on the deck enjoying the wonderful view and dessert.  He was drinking Prosecco with lemon and a sprig of fresh mint and insisted on buying a glass for us.   The drink was a delightful, refreshing combination that we enjoyed.  His friend who owned the small restaurant next door also joined our table and listened to our fun, “halting” English/German conversation.  Always one of my goals when visiting another country is to get to meet some of the “real’ people living there.

Joe and I loved the dessert, the Prosecco, and especially the afternoon company.  We hope you, too, will enjoy the dessert.


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