My high school friend, Charlotte DeVore, was our hostess for her annual “Po’ch Party” given for some of the “seasoned” graduates of Sidney Lanier High School of Montgomery, AL.   “Po’ch Party” is not a typo, but “Southerneeze” for “Porch Party”.   Charlotte served these killer good Lacy CHEESE CRISPS & I was intrigued by them.  She was shy about sharing the recipe because she said that it was almost a “nothing-to-do” recipe.  I beg to differ; I love delicious “nothing-to-do” recipes!  A confession - I added the peaches.  Don’t faint when you see the ingredients.

Submitted by:
Charlotte DeVore
Montgomery, Alabama USA


1 large wedge Parmesan cheese (if you do not like Parmesan cheese flavor, do not make)

1 chunk Cabot’s Extra Sharp Cheddar cheese

Fresh fruit slices - Peaches, Nectarines, Pears, or Apples washed, but not peeled (I used peaches in photo)





Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Using a food processor, shred all of one cheese & place that shredded cheese in a bowl.  Then, without cleaning the food processor, shred the other cheese & place in a bowl.

Use a non-stick baking pan to make the crisps.  Do not grease the pan.  Using your fingers, make small mounds of the shredded cheese on the baking pan. Allow enough room for each mound to spread flat.  More than one pan will be needed or re-use the same pan, just wipe with paper towel.

Bake the cheese mounds in the preheated oven on the top rack.  Cook for 5 minutes; then carefully monitor the cooking process to allow the crisps to bubble & brown.  Cook long enough to get very crispy when cooled.

When first removed from the oven, the crisps will still be too soft to move.  After some cooling & setting, move crisps to a paper towel lined pan in a single layer.  Do not stack.  Place another layer of paper towel on top of crisps & gently press downward to absorb extra cheese oil.

When crisps are completely cooled, if they are not really crispy yet; then cook again.

In the photo, I left the Parmesan Crisps flat & placed a thin slice of un-peeled peach on each crisp.

For the Cheddar cheese crisps, Joe suggested that I fold the still cooling & flexible crisp around a peach slice & secure with a cocktail pick.  Amazing, Joe’s very first original recipe!  Charlotte, you should be flattered that he liked your recipe so much!  Do not serve hot; serve at room temp.

I was amazed that this recipe really worked & was so good.  Not only are they yummy, but the crisps can be made & frozen (before fruit is added) to serve later.  Place crisps in a rigid container & pack with plastic wrap to keep from breaking.  Pull out a few at a time or all of

them to re-heat.  Cool until crisp, top with fruit slices & serve.    Thanks, Charlotte, for being such a lovely friend.

In Charlotte’s photo, her furry “friend” seems to be about to “pinch” her sunglasses & run!  She was on the historic island of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean Sea at the time with her “friend”, the Barbary Ape.  I’m not too sure I could be that brave, Charlotte!


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