Quick & Easy Grilled THREE-CHEESE FLOUR TORTILLA Sandwiches

Table of Contents: SANDWICHES

These flat tortilla sandwiches need to be cooked very slowly in order to allow the cheese to melt while browning and crisping the tortilla.

The recipe is a fly-by-the-seat-of your-pants recipe without specific ingredient measurements.  So, you can make a single tortilla sandwich or dozens.

Flour tortillas, 10”-size

Butter, olive oil, or margarine (later referred to as “butter” only)

Sharp Cheddar cheese, sliced thin

Monterey Jack cheese, sliced thin

Grated Parmesan cheese

Bottled chunky salsa; hot, medium, or mild






Using a 10” or larger iron skillet or another heavy skillet, melt a small pat of butter on medium heat.  When butter is melted, place a tortilla in the skillet.  On one side of the tortilla, place small slices of both Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses on top of each other.


Spoon on about 1 tsp., a little more or a little less, of salsa on the cheeses and lightly spread the salsa over the cheeses.  Sprinkle the cheeses and salsa with a small amount of Parmesan cheese.


Allow the flat tortilla to slowly begin to cook until the tortilla softens from the butter and heat and becomes pliable.  Fold one side of the tortilla on top of the other side and lightly press down with a spatula.  Repeat with each tortilla until the skillet is full.  Several different cookings of the sandwiches may be required depending on the number of sandwiches desired.


Allow the tortilla sandwiches to slowly cook and brown on one side; then flip to the other side to cook and brown.  More butter may be needed from time to time, but do not use a lot of butter at one time.  Tortillas will absorb more butter than needed or desired!

There is a long litany of ways to serve these: sandwiches for lunches, picnics, quick dinners, kids’ lunch boxes ; snacks; cut into quarters or strips for appetizers (cool slightly before cutting).   When serving a larger number of the tortilla sandwiches, use a large flat platter and place the tips in the center of the platter; then continue all the way around the platter to form an open-fan shape for an appealing presentation.

The tortilla sandwiches are best if served warm.   If not serving immediately, use a warming tray, a warm oven, or a microwave to re-heat for several seconds only.  Don’t follow my husband Joe’s advice of microwaving everything until china plates warp!


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