Irish Pub Sandwich  (make with a skillet or a Panini Press)

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The recipe is written to serve one person and can be used as a guide to make as many sandwiches as desired.  If you have a large number of sandwiches to make, a Panini Press would be perfect.  Make a buffet line using a warming tray with a platter of grilled bread slices, bowls of cooked bangers, onions, and potatoes.  Do not warm the mustard and grated cheese.  Place the Panini Press at the very end of the line to finish making the sandwiches good and hot.  Let family and/or guests make their own sandwich.  How cool is that?


2 to 3 Irish bangers (or small-link sausage if bangers are not available)

3 or 4 very thin slices of a medium-sized mild onion

1 small “Irish” potato (Idaho or red potato), peeled

Extra virgin olive oil

2 slices of a good brand of wheat bread (no low-calorie, light, or thin, etc.)

Butter or margarine

3 T. grated sharp Cheddar cheese

Grey Poupon mustard




Split the bangers or other small sausage links in half, lengthwise.  Slowly grill the sausages in the skillet until done, then remove to a side plate and keep warm.


Drain-off any drippings, then add 1 tsp. of butter to the same skillet.  Add the onions to the melted butter and allow the onion slices to separate into rings.  Fry the onions until crisp.  Remove onions to a warm side plate.


Peel the potato; then slice it very thin.  Using the same skillet, add a very small amount of olive oil and heat to medium.  Slowly cook the potato slices until done and browned, but still soft.  Remove to a warm side plate.


Butter both sides of the wheat bread.  Use a non-stick or iron skillet and lightly grill both sides of the bread. Then, make layers:


1. Mustard on one side of each slice of grilled bread

1. Bangers or small-link sausages

2. Onions

3. Potatoes, use a thin layer (do not use all of the potato)

4. Cheese

Slowly grill both sides of the sandwich, like a grilled cheese sandwich, heating the whole sandwich and melting the cheese. Cut the sandwich into halves to serve.


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