How to BARBECUED CHICKEN Westbrook-Style

Table of Contents: Chicken

Westbrook-Style is to make barbecuing chicken as easy, as delicious, and as leisurely as possible!  Plan on serving a quarter of a chicken per person plus several extra quarters for anyone really hungry.  Do NOT actually quarter the chicken until it is almost finished cooking.

Read below about when to quarter the chicken.

Buy chickens already cut into halves or you cut them.  I really prefer buying them halved because my Samurai sword is just too long to use for cutting chickens without cutting my own throat!

If possible, liberally salt the chicken halves and let them “rest” overnight in the refrigerator.  My husband's mother, Ann, taught me this.  She always used this method for her wonderful fried chicken.  If you can’t salt overnight; then salt as far in advance as possible.



When ready to cook, if using a gas grill: get the grill hot using all burners; then turn the burners off only on one side.  Place the chicken halves on the hot grill on the side with no burners on. Close the grill lid.

When ready to cook, if using a charcoal grill with a lid: build a medium fire on only one side of the grill.  Allow coals to turn an ash-gray color on top.  Place the chicken halves on the hot grill on the side without coals underneath.  Leave the coals in the original pile; do not

spread coals. Close the lid.

Cook at 325 to 350 degrees for 1 hour; then turn the halves, close the lid, and cook another 45 minutes.  Check the cooking progress only occasionally, and try to maintain the cooking temperature.

After the 1 hour 45 minutes of cooking time, gently divide the halves into quarters using a sharp knife and a long fork.  The chicken halves should be tender enough to pull apart without much cutting.  The cooking time may vary if the chickens are very large or very small.

You be the judge there.

Put the barbecue sauce that you are using in a deep saucepan with a handle and heat it; then take the saucepan to the grill.  When chicken is divided into quarters, dip the whole quarter into the sauce to completely coat the quarter; then return chicken to the grill and cook

another 10 minutes.  This allows the sauce to cook onto the chicken for a matte finish instead of a shiny, gooey finish.  Total cooking time should be about 2 hours for the chicken to be very tender, moist, and flavorful throughout.


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