Quick, “In a Hurry” CHICKEN PARMESAN

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I think that you will find this recipe very good, particularly considering the amount of time required to make it.  We don’t always have to be Julia Child!  As if I had ever, ever come close to such an aspiration……  she was quite the fascinating lady.  Don’t you agree?


4 to 6 chicken breasts, or the same poundage in already-cut chicken tenders


½ jar (12-oz.) prepared Italian, tomato-based pasta sauce (your favorite brand)

6 to 9 slices mozzarella cheese

Italian breadcrumbs

Grated Parmesan cheese





Slice the chicken breasts into chicken tenders; then wash and pat dry with paper towels.  Salt the tenders and place into a spray-oiled baking dish.


Evenly spread the pasta sauce over the tops of the tenders.  Evenly place the mozzarella cheese slices as the next layer; then sprinkle Italian breadcrumbs on top of the cheese.  Finally, sprinkle with a medium amount of Parmesan



Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes.  Use a meat thermometer to check chicken doneness.  This will prevent undercooking the chicken, or drying-out the chicken by overcooking.


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